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A Palm webOS™ app

If you're on Verizon and experiencing long delays to get an accurate fix here is why.
Also, I've heard that loading VZ Navigator (even if you haven't paid for it!) may wake the gps up. If that doesn't help, try restarting the phone.

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gpsDashboard is an app that delivers miscellaneous information gathered with the Palm Pre's GPS service. This document includes information on both gpsDashboard Free, and gpsDashboard+, if you are using the free version you may not have access to some of the features mentioned here. gpsDashboard+ is now available in the app catalog for $1.99.

I need help! I have included tranlated information into the app, but I don't know any native speakers of the languages to get it right. If you have noticed anything wrong with the translations, or would like to help get better translations included please email me!


Preferences Explained

On Startup - Determines the trip reset behavior when the program is loaded.

Theme - Allows you to chose a light, or dark theme

Units - Allows the user to select metric or imperial units of measure.

Backlight - Allows the user to force the screen to stay lit while the program is running.

Max Error - Maximum allowed error in the location fixes.

When Shook - Allows the user to select what gets reset (if anything) when the device is shook.

Colored Speed - Allows the user to turn off the colored speed feature.

Heading - Allows the user to choose to have the heading displayed in North, South, etc, or in degrees.

Average Speed - Determines whether the total distance traveled, or merely the distance traveled from the inital location is used for the average speed calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It keeps saying the satellite signal strength is too low, even when I'm outside. Other apps can get a fix, why can't this? I get an error saying I haven't accepted the Terms of Service I get an error saying to ensure GPS fixes are turned on I get an error saying I'm blacklisted Top Speed goes down unexpectedly Whats the deal with the accuracy All-Time records don't seem to be updating The 'Get Address' button doesn't work The altitude is always negative The app won't install Why is the address button greyed out?